Orezi On Palliatives: No Hope For Nigeria Until Politicians Start Going To Jail

Pop artiste Orezi on Sunday said Nigeria will never be great until politicians start going to jail for the alleged crimes they commit, Igbere TV reports.

The 34-year-old in a lenghty Instagram post said, “Nigerian leaders constantly leaves my heart broken. Bunch of wicked leaders with no human feelings whatsoever.

“The only reason politicians do this and have the nerve to sleep well at night is because they are not sleeping in KIRIKIRI YET. They commit all sort of crimes against the same people who put them in power.”

He added: “I repeat until our politicians start going to jail for all this broad daylight crimes with evidences staring at us in the eye, Nigeria will never be great.”

Born Esegine Allen, Igbere TV reports that Orezi also said the past week has been the worst as a Nigerian.

The musician has been a part of the #ENDSARS campaign against police brutality and bad governance.

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