Motora Apologizes For Mocking Begger In Viral Video

The social media influencer was called out for mocking a Begger in traffic. Video of her went viral on social media mocking a little Begger who begged her for cash.

However, speaking to BBC pidgin on the incident, the Motora Apologize for her action and wish she could meet the little Begger girl to personally apologize to her.
She posted on her Instagram handle
I can’t justify what I did, but I want to apologise again and I am sorry. I want to beseech everyone who feel offended by that video to please forgive.

I am not that kind of person and as an adult I should have known that not everything is funny or a joke
I am deeply sorry and I see all the backlash and insults as corrections.

I will do better and become a better person. Please forgive me. Please don’t mind my pidgin

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