Nigerian Actress, Eva Becomes A Landlady in the US After Buying Her First House (Photos)

A Nigerian actress, Eva who is now a nurse in the United States of America after relocating to the country has bought herself a house.

 She couldn’t hide her happiness as she took to her Instagram page to share photos and wrote: 

“I bought my first House at the age of 26 in United State. Brand New house, first to Move in. 2020 construction completed in Nov 2020.

No financial assistance, No co-signer, all ME and My God. 4 Bedroom 3bathroom.Few years ago, I couldn’t afford to pay for a 1 bedroom apartment I lived in with my Younger siblings. I was almost evicted by my Landlord, was Always late on my bills and rent.

Today AM A LANDLORD OF MY OWN. Am a Home Owner in America Babe🤩🥰Not sure who needs to hear this… Don’t limit yourself, keep working, keep going, one day everything will work itself out. Your Current Situation is not your final destination.

#nursebae #nurse #hardworkingchildofgod.”

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